Jarapac - DCE/RPC in Java

Javapac is a Remote Procedure Call (RPC) implementation as described in the Distrubuted Computing Environment (DCE) specifications from The Open Group. This technology is used by many vendors for distributed computing and, in particular, remote management of servers and workstations. It is the underlying networking protocol behind many Microsoft products such as DCOM, Microsoft Exchange and management utilities for maninpulating users, servers and workstations.


The ncacn_np transport works with the JCIFS transport and MIDLC MIDL compatible IDL compiler. The jarapac examples directory has the beginnings of some Microsoft Workstation management interfaces. Adjusting the makefile and running make will execute the first test program. If you care to tinker with these test programs it is vital that you use the latest versions of jarapac/jcifs/midlc.


The immediate focus of this project is to implement the calls necessary to properly authenticate users against a Microsoft Windows domain using NETLOGON and Kerberos GSS-API for impersonation and the manipulation of various user properties. Once the necessary security substructure has been established and tested it will be the basis around which JCIFS 2.0 will be constructed.


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